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Erin Allgood

Erin Allgood grew up with a fierce love of sustainability, a passion for women’s rights, and a commitment to social justice. As the founder of ELA Consulting, Erin harnesses entrepreneurship as a vehicle for social change. Her clients include women launching social enterprises, nonprofits looking to authentically communicate and carry out their missions, and businesses that want to align their values with their cultures and their products and services.

As our culture evolves, so do our business practices. It’s not enough to have a mission statement anymore; it’s necessary to build integrity, sustainability, and equity into the foundation of your business and the way that you conduct your work in the world.

Harnessing entrepreneurship AS social impact at the systems, organizational, and individual levels.


  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Sustainability & Social Change Strategies


  • Community Engagement & Communications Plans 
  • Group Learning Experiences (keynotes, workshops, webinars, and retreat facilitation)